Below is a very small sample of praise in the media for Spiritlevel’s work.

“When you run across a brand issuing exemplary product, that company needs to be lauded by name..and if the issuing agency continues to excel, then commemoration of the fact continues. Why? Well, for the same reason as lauding an individual musician or group: you want to see and hear more, doncha? Okay then, sing praises! Encourage ’em…Thus, when you wish to see the ne plus ultra in music journalism on film, when you want to know where others are lacking, you need to go to Eagle  and then to Spiritlevel, Eagle’s successor…Only then will you be able to form a worthy opinion about the efforts of others.  After that, go ahead and write me; at that point, your analysis will be coherent.

This new SI release about Bob Dylan and The Band is the latest proof. It views the same way a good book reads, and the chronography of detail is a matter of tension and resolve, flowlines of data, side pools of anecdotalism, and all the needed literary devices—of course surfeited with images, music, etc.”

Acoustic Music. On “Down In The Flood”

“Strange Fruit…leaps into excellence. If you want to see people who were there – and, for once, not the usual suspects, but people who knew what it was like to not want to go into an increasingly bad environment, people who experienced first hand the mixed blessing of hands-on intervention by a Beatles – then this is the place to go. What you leave this film with is an understanding of the sheer Catch 22-ness of it all – the greatest band of all time think your music is great, but signing to their label may end your career. Strange Fruit may be a documentary about a record label, but it’s fitting, sad and beautiful that it ends with the only song about a record label that can make you cry, Badfinger’s gorgeous “Apple Of My Eye”.

David Quantick. Uncut Magazine. On “Strange Fruit – The Story of Apple Records”.

“**** Intelligent documentary on the genre’s German genesis and stars…you can’t fault it.”

– Sylvie Simmons, Mojo Magazine. On “Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution.”


“Superior dissection of the Beach Boy’s life and craft…unusually fresh and insightful”.

Mojo Magazine. On “Brian Wilson: Songwriter 1962-1969”


“Provides a refreshing, different spin on the usual Beatles documentary….Examining the elements of Beatles songwriting and their songs proves to be very entertaining.”

– Fox News on “Composing The Beatles Songbook: Lennon & McCartney 1966-1970


“A fascinating trip into the eclectic roots of one of rock’s most polarizing, pioneering figures.”

– Rolling Stone Magazine on “Frank Zappa: The Freakout List”